Cerebrolysin 5ml

Cerebrolysin 5ml  1ml- 5ml-10ml ampoules /30ml-50ml vial

Composition Cerebeolysin ampoule

Cerebeolysin is a peptide preparation for the solution, ready for injection. is free of proteins, lipids and antigenic properties.1ml of Cerebeolysin containa215.2mg Cerebeolysin concentrate as an active ingredient in aqueous solution.

Route of administration

Solution for intramuscular and intravenous injection or intravenous infusion

Cerebrolysin 5ml Indication

*disturbances of concentration and memory

*degenerative dementias, including Alzheimer’s disease

*vascular dementias, eg multi-infarct dementia

*mixed forms of dementia (degenerative and vascular contribution)

*sequels of stroke (ischaemic and hemorrhagic)

*posttraumatic or postoperative complaints, eg following cerebral contusion, concussion, or  neurosurgical operation


*hypersensitivity to one of the drug

*severe impairments of renal function.

*status epilepticus or grand mal convulsions; an increase in the seizure frequency may be seen in these cases

Interactions Cerebrolysin 5ml

The concomitant administration of Cerebeolysin with antidepressive drugs or MAO inhibitors can lead to cumulative effects. In these cases a dose reduction of the antidepressive advisable

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